Feb 28, 2024

Ten Pro Tips on Personalizing AI Content

Here are 10 pro tips to infuse your AI-generated content with the soul of your brand, ensuring it resonates with your audience authentically

AI can be sexy and scary. It’s everywhere and evolving swiftly. Content creators and digital marketing agencies need to understand and embrace its efficiency and innovation to stay ahead in the evolving landscape. As we all race to harness the power and scalability of artificial intelligence, personalizing content to reflect a unique brand voice and personality can be challenging.

At The Shed Creative, we thrive at the intersection of technology and creativity, and we're here to share our insider secrets. Here are 10 pro tips to infuse your AI-generated content with the soul of your brand, ensuring it resonates with your audience authentically and speaks your story.

1. Define Your Brand Voice

Before you dive into personalizing AI-generated content, define your brand voice and style. Having a clear understanding of your brand culture, goals, audience, and message is the first step in ensuring that your content aligns with your identity and target audience. When personalizing content, inject brand nomenclature and language into every conversation and experience so it’s original and has the right tone, character, and personality.

2. Incorporate Brand-Specific and Non-Branded Keywords

Leverage AI capabilities by integrating brand-specific keywords and phrases that resonate with your brand and audience. This helps in maintaining consistency across your content plus also in enhancing your SEO strategy. Keywords can guide AI in mirroring your brand's tone and focus, making the content more relevant and personalized. 

To broaden your organic reach and impressions, you can also inject non-branded topics into your content through AI research and tools. When prompting AI, make sure to create content around trending topics and long-tail queries relevant to your business. 

3. Customize the Style and Tone

Most AI tools let you adjust the style and tone of the content they generate. Experiment with their settings to find a close match for your brand's voice. Whether you're aiming for authoritative or casual and conversational, tweaking these settings can significantly alter the feel of the content to better suit your brand story. Always include your brand style, tone of voice, or statement in the prompt you input for the best output.

4. Inject Your Brand's Personality

Your brand's personality should shine through in every piece of content you publish. Use AI as a starting point, then personalize it by adding real anecdotes and experiences unique to your brand. This could be a signature sign-off, recurring themes, or even humor, depending on what aligns with your brand persona.

5. Leverage User Data for Personalization

Utilize user data and analytics to understand your audience's preferences, behaviors, and pain points. This information can guide the customization of AI-generated content to address the specific needs and interests of your target audience, making it more engaging and valuable to them.

6. Blend AI with Human Touch

While AI can produce content at an unprecedented scale, it lacks the human ability to connect on an emotional level. Always review and tweak AI-generated content to add a human touch, ensuring it resonates on a deeper level with your audience. This could mean refining a joke, adding a personal story, or simply making the language more relatable.

7. Ensure Consistency Across Channels

Ensure that all AI-generated content maintains a consistent tone, style, and quality across all channels and platforms. This consistency helps in reinforcing your brand identity and makes you more recognizable and trustworthy to your audience.

Tailor your AI-generated content to fit the platform it's being published on, while maintaining a consistent voice and personality. 

8. Innovate with Interactive Content

AI can help create interactive content such as quizzes, polls, interactive infographics, and personalized user experiences. Such content not only engages your audience in a unique way but also provides valuable insights into their preferences, further allowing for more personalized content creation. 

9. Accuracy and Authenticity

Ensuring the accuracy and authenticity of AI-generated content is paramount. While AI can produce information at scale, verifying the factual correctness and ensuring it aligns with your brand's values and offerings is crucial. Always cross-check AI-generated content for accuracy, facts, trends, and data, and tweak it to reflect genuine insights and perspectives unique to your brand. 

Authenticity fosters trust and builds a stronger connection with your audience, turning casual readers into loyal followers. This commitment to truthfulness and brand integrity should be a cornerstone of your content strategy, distinguishing your brand in a crowded digital space.

10. Focus on the Experience in EEAT

Google rewards content that demonstrates E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness). These signals are crucial in content marketing for evaluating the quality and reliability of your online content. Becoming part of Google’s search rater guidelines in 2022, EEAT underscores the importance of original and helpful content created for people. 

Today’s creators should produce content that not only demonstrates deep knowledge and expertise in their subject matter but also establishes the author and website as authoritative and trustworthy sources. 

When personalizing your content, add real experience that reflects the practical knowledge or background on the topic. Ensure that your content shows your expertise, credibility, honesty, and accuracy to ensure that it performs well in search engines and genuinely meets the needs and expectations of its intended audience. When using AI, review the “E-E-A-T-ability” to build a loyal and engaged community around your brand.

Make It Personal

Personalizing AI-generated content goes beyond maintaining a brand voice; it's about creating a unique, engaging experience for your audience. It’s also about creating user-first content that is original, meaningful, accurate, trustworthy, and experiential. Think about what your users need to be engaged and make decisions. 

Remember, the goal is to use AI not as a replacement for human creativity but as a tool to augment and enhance it. With the significance of E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authority and Trust) on your content rating, your AI-generated content requires human oversight in the editorial process. Human editors must also check for context, consistency, and current trends to ensure its readability and credibility.

With new AI tools and features being developed constantly, it’s important to stay informed about the latest technologies and trends. Take a forward-thinking approach and adapt your strategies as digital content creation evolves. We’re all in this together. 

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